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Functional and tasteful

Use our connected LED lamps to easily make your lighting smart. These lamps are easy to install and can be connected directly.

Control the lights from your Smartphone or set timers. Provide ideal mood lighting by dimming or adjusting colors.

Easy installation

The connected LED lamps are easy to install. No separate on / off switches or dimmers are needed anymore! Place the lamp in the fitting and follow the instructions of your HomeWizard or Link. After installation you can switch your lights directly via the app.

The Connected LED lamps are available in 4 different fittings.

Set timers and presets

Let your lights turn on and off automatically by programming this in the relevant app. For example turn your lights on at fixed times, or when a magnetic contact registers that the door opens or closes.

You can also automatically turn your lights on when a smoke alarm goes off. Use our connected smoke detectors for this and make sure you can have enough light to navigate in case of an emergency.

Create the perfect ambiance

You can choose the color that fits your mood with the Connected E27 color LED light.

Simply choose from 16 million colors *. There is a color for every moment.
* Set the colours with the HomeWizard and Link app via your smartphone.