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Control your energy consumption

Your devices use a lot of energy every day. With our solutions you have more insight and control over your energy consumption. The Energy Socket gives you an insight into your energy consumption. With our energy-efficient LED lamps you ensure that your lighting is never unnecessarily on. You can switch off lights or appliances with the Energy Socket from a distance.

Energy Socket

With our 'Energy Socket' you can monitor the energy consumption of your devices. In the app you can see the current energy consumption, as well as the energy consumption over the last 24 hours was.

You can also use the Energy Socket to switch the connected equipment on and off via the app and via a preset. This means there is not always power on your TV or chargers.

Connected LED lamps

Use our Connected LED lamps to easily make your lighting smart. These lamps are easy to install and can be connected directly.

Control the lights from your Smartphone or set timers. Provide the ideal mood lighting by dimming or adjusting colors.