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The Link offers you the possibility to make your home safer and more comfortable. The product is extremely easy to install and intuitive to use.

The Link offers various possibilities such as the automation of lighting, or the use emergency contacts and emergency lighting.

Feel safe and in control

Receive a message on your smartphone when the smoke alarm goes off. Wherever you are, you are aware of smoke development.

Because you can link each smoke detector to a room, you immediately know from which room the alarm signal comes. Add emergency contacts to automatically send a text message to neighbors or family in the event of an alarm.

Control your lights

Control your lighting with one app, at home or while traveling. Simply switch your lights on and off automatically with presets in the app. You can set the light color of white LED lights, or even choose a color light.

You can also set preventive timers, for example at sunrise and sunset, so that your lights automatically switch on and off. This way someone always appears to be home and presence is simulated.

Door contacts and alarm

By installing door contacts you can receive a notification when a door is opened. When the door opens at an unusual time you are quickly informed on your smartphone.

By connecting a Connected color LED light to the door contact, you can create emergency lighting. When the app is set to be absent, the lighting will first flash orange as a warning. If the alarm remains active, the lighting will start to flash red.

Saving energy and dimming

Some devices use more energy than you know. To make this transparent, you can place our Energy Sockets between the device and the power outlet. With this Energy Socket you can measure the devices energy consumption.

To dim lighting easily, you can use the Dimmer Socket. You place this between the lamp and the socket. This allows you to dim the lamp via the app.