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Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is a cheap and easy solution for operating lights and curtains. This product is easy to install and offers a user friendly App; the HomeWizard Lite app.

The Smart Switch is our entry-level model to start with Smarthome. The Smart Switch can only transmit and can be expanded with our different Smarthome receivers.

Make your home smarter

You can easily automate your switches based on sunrise and sunset. This allows you to switch the lights in your home on or off at predefined times or lets you open the curtains at dawn.

Voice control

The Smart Switch is now compatible with Amazon Alexa. This makes it even easier to operate the Smart Switch. Now you can ask Alexa to turn off the lights when you leave your home.

When you come home you can turn on your lights with one command. Controlling your lights has never been easier!

Personalize the app

You can easily personalize or replace the icons in the app for photos. This way you can switch even easier!

You can add up to 99 devices to the app. You can control many lamps and receivers with the Smart Switch.